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Hey there! My name is Max, I’m a German Gamedeveloper with an M.Sc. in Applied Computer Science, currently working as a Programmer at Sixteen Tons Entertainment.

My greatest interest is the creation of worlds for games and filling them with life (sometimes reffered to as Level- or Contentcreator).

Why don’t you write your own page?
Believe me, It’s not that I hadn’t thought about this. On one hand, sure, it is a nice demonstration of my skills as a developer. I can show that I know how to write and design a website. But on the other hand (let’s face it): Webdevelopment sucks. I don’t like php, I don’t like Javascript. Why should I work with stuff I don’t like, when other people have passion in it and write decent code?

Okay, you don’t like webdevelopment. But why WordPress?
I know there are more Blog-CMS and CMS in general, but since I wan’t to focus on Gamedevelopment and not writing plugins for cms, I chose the most popular cms. It’s not that I don’t like the others, but it seems to be well documented, filled with plugins and it has a nice backend. One thing to mention is the philosophy of wordpress, which I really like: “Code is Poetry”.

Okay, so no webdev, using wordpress, but why a blog?
I like to have a platform which I can use to share my workflow and the things I learned during gamedevelopment. But there is more: I can also express my thoughts about topics which concern me when it comes to anything in games or their development.

Any final words?
Have fun with the things you do. They define you.

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